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Mylo- The TriPaWD

A young Portuguese Water Dog starting a new life

Author: Megs&Mylo (page 1 of 2)

Past the two month mark!

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Hey everyone!


We are so excited to be 2 months post Mylo’s surgery! His adjustment to his new tripawd life has been going really well, with only one minor hiccup!

A week ago we noticed that Mylo was limping just a little bit on his back right paw. Being overly concerned parents we took him right into the vet. Whenever we palpated his paw on that foot he would try and nip at us so we figured there was something wrong with his nails or toes. However, when we got to the vet they told us they thought something was wrong with his back (lumbar region of the spine). The pain was localized over one of the discs so they said it could be a ruptured disc- or the beginnings of one. Mylo had been playing really hard at the dog park the last few days so we think he must’ve overestimated his own abilities (puppies will be puppies!).

So, per the doctor’s orders Mylo is now on a very restricted movement regime- either being in his kennel or gated off in our kitchen (where there are no pieces of furniture for him to jump up on). Of course being a 5 month old puppy Mylo is certain that this is the worst thing that could possibly happen! He just wants to jump and play but we want to make sure that we don’t cause any further damage to whatever is going on with his spine! We are a week into his ‘captivity’ and needless to say he is a little stir crazy. His new favorite past  time is staring out the kitchen window and watching all the neighbors walk by- what a tough life!

Other than that Mylo has been great! He has been growing quite a bit and has almost lost all his baby teeth. There is dog days at the pool in a couple weeks so we are very excited about getting some swimming in- he is a water dog after all!



Thanks for reading–

Megs && Mylo

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Past the one month Ampuversary!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

So, it has been awhile since our last pupdate- but Mylo has been keeping us very busy!

His incision is completely healed, and his fur is growing back in super fast. We gave him his first bath since his surgery this past weekend and he was perfect. His stamina on walks and during playtime is increasing by the day- it truly is wonderful to see him being a puppy.

Mylo has also been growing like a weed! He is now up to our knees and weighs over 30 pounds (he is 4 months old).  To make sure that he stays nice and limber during his growth spurts and to account for the extra pressure being put on his front leg we are giving him doggy treats that support healthy joints. We are also keeping an eye on his front paw pads to make sure that his level of activity isn’t causing any extra wear and tear. We bought Musher’s Secret to apply at the first sign of any cracks.

Once his scab fell off his incision  we decided to start taking him to the dog park. The first couple times he went he was VERY unsure of what to make of all the others pups. We stay in the little dog side because he is only used to Gus and Bane (toy poodles) at home and the bigger dogs seem to make him nervous. He wasn’t social with the other dogs at first- but as we continue to go he is really starting to open up.  We think he is aware that he is a little ‘different’ as he doesn’t engage in rough housing with the other pups- but seems like he wants to. Once when he was playing chase he fell down and struggled to get up as quick as the other dog, which seemed to make him scared. Since then we have made sure to keep a close watch on those situations, we want him to become more social but we want to make sure that he takes it at his own pace!

Thanks for keeping up to date with our pup!

2 1/2 weeks and feeling good!

Watching Mylo continue his recovery over the last couple weeks has been very exciting! Everyday we notice that his stamina on walks is getting better, his playfulness is increasing, and he is adapting more and more to life with three legs.

Last week we removed his stitches, which went very smoothly. Now all he has is about a 2 inch long scab on one part of the old incision- which doesn’t seem to be bothering him because he isn’t scratching at it anymore. He also had his last day of pain killers today, which I think he is completely ready for.

Mylo and Gus hanging out

We took Mylo and his brothers up to Michigan this past week, where he was able to let loose on the beach! Before we could stop him he was running straight into the water, he is fearless! His Portuguese Water Dog was definitely showing- he couldn’t get enough of playing in the waves. We kept his T-Shirt on to avoid getting sand in his scabs and wiped down the incision after each beach outing to keep it nice and clean. We love seeing him truly enjoying his new life.

Recovery Week 1

Mylo’s recovery has been going so well!

The first weekend and the beginning of this week were a bit of a roller coaster. We would get glimpses of our happy little puppy, but then within seconds he would be whining and obviously in pain. It was hard to watch him unable to get comfortable, wandering around the house- but we made it through!

Mylo and his brothers (Bane and Gus)

Day 6 is when we really saw the turn around. He is excited to see us when we get home, he chases after toys, and he is being ornery again (just like a puppy should be)!! It’s a joy to see him inquisitive and curious about life!

We bought a couple things for Mylo’s recovery that I really think worked out well for him. Instead of the plastic e-collar the vet gave us we bought an inflatable one. His collar loops through it so it won’t come off and it is waaayyyy more comfortable for him to sleep in! We also went to goodwill before his surgery and bought some toddler athletic shirts that I sewed one of the arms shut on. It has really kept him from scratching at his stitches.

Mylo being a ham in his kennel

We also bought him a Bob-a-lot interactive toy. It took a while for him to figure it out, but now he really enjoys this active way to get his kibble!

The next step for Mylo is to get his stitches out this coming week! I think he is ready to get rid of those itchy buggers! Thanks again for reading and supporting us through this!!

Recovery Day 1 and 2

Mylo has been doing really well so far! Everyone at the vet office fell in love with our little guy and we can’t blame them!

When we went to pick him up he was already scampering around, going potty on his own and he had a massive appetite. He slept through the night fairly well, but woke up early because he was starting to feel the pain from his surgery. No constipation and a continued appetite makes us happy parents!!!

We feel so lucky that Mylo is doing as great as he is. Here are a couple photos and a video of him from yesterday- right after we got him home!


Thanks for your continued support!!!!


Mylo’s Incision




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