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Mylo- The TriPaWD

A young Portuguese Water Dog starting a new life

Recovery Week 1

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Mylo’s recovery has been going so well!

The first weekend and the beginning of this week were a bit of a roller coaster. We would get glimpses of our happy little puppy, but then within seconds he would be whining and obviously in pain. It was hard to watch him unable to get comfortable, wandering around the house- but we made it through!

Mylo and his brothers (Bane and Gus)

Day 6 is when we really saw the turn around. He is excited to see us when we get home, he chases after toys, and he is being ornery again (just like a puppy should be)!! It’s a joy to see him inquisitive and curious about life!

We bought a couple things for Mylo’s recovery that I really think worked out well for him. Instead of the plastic e-collar the vet gave us we bought an inflatable one. His collar loops through it so it won’t come off and it is waaayyyy more comfortable for him to sleep in! We also went to goodwill before his surgery and bought some toddler athletic shirts that I sewed one of the arms shut on. It has really kept him from scratching at his stitches.

Mylo being a ham in his kennel

We also bought him a Bob-a-lot interactive toy. It took a while for him to figure it out, but now he really enjoys this active way to get his kibble!

The next step for Mylo is to get his stitches out this coming week! I think he is ready to get rid of those itchy buggers! Thanks again for reading and supporting us through this!!

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  1. What a happy post! I am so glad to hear that Mylonis recovering so well and he looks so cute in his inflatable collar and t-shirt. He is just adorable and looks really comfortable which is so good to see. Oh and he a bob-a-lot are so cute thanks for sharing that I had never seen one. You are doing a great job Mom here’s to a continued smooth recovery!
    ❤️Amy & Rusty

  2. Great news! I’m glad Mylo is doing well! There are definitely ups and downs, especially in the beginning, and they test you because you can’t stand to see your baby in pain. But he’s doing great. I love those three fuzzy faces!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  3. I just adore Mylo and his pack!! So darn cute!! 🙂

    You’ve chronicled the journey up to this point very well. So glad to know you are starting to see more and more of Mylo’s sparkle come back!’ And it continues to get so much better!!

    Love, love, love these photos and thst precious video of Mylo showing that toy who’s the boss! 🙂

    Keep these great updates coming! 🙂 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Looking great, Mylo! Mom, you are doing a great job. I love the bob-a-lot, how fun! That video makes me happy! 🙂 Hope he is all healed up soon. I know getting stitches out was such a happy day for us!

    Lindsey & Milhouse

  5. Lookin GREAT Mylo! You’ve mastered the art of recovery and are over the worst part. Congrats!

    Thanks for the great tips about making it easier too. Between the interactive game (we love that one!), the comfy cone and your adorable wardrobe you are the most pawesome Tripawd ambassador ever!


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