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Mylo- The TriPaWD

A young Portuguese Water Dog starting a new life

Author: Megs&Mylo

2 1/2 weeks and feeling good!

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Watching Mylo continue his recovery over the last couple weeks has been very exciting! Everyday we notice that his stamina on walks is getting better, his playfulness is increasing, and he is adapting more and more to life with three legs.

Last week we removed his stitches, which went very smoothly. Now all he has is about a 2 inch long scab on one part of the old incision- which doesn’t seem to be bothering him because he isn’t scratching at it anymore. He also had his last day of pain killers today, which I think he is completely ready for.

Mylo and Gus hanging out

We took Mylo and his brothers up to Michigan this past week, where he was able to let loose on the beach! Before we could stop him he was running straight into the water, he is fearless! His Portuguese Water Dog was definitely showing- he couldn’t get enough of playing in the waves. We kept his T-Shirt on to avoid getting sand in his scabs and wiped down the incision after each beach outing to keep it nice and clean. We love seeing him truly enjoying his new life.

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Recovery Week 1

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Mylo’s recovery has been going so well!

The first weekend and the beginning of this week were a bit of a roller coaster. We would get glimpses of our happy little puppy, but then within seconds he would be whining and obviously in pain. It was hard to watch him unable to get comfortable, wandering around the house- but we made it through!

Mylo and his brothers (Bane and Gus)

Day 6 is when we really saw the turn around. He is excited to see us when we get home, he chases after toys, and he is being ornery again (just like a puppy should be)!! It’s a joy to see him inquisitive and curious about life!

We bought a couple things for Mylo’s recovery that I really think worked out well for him. Instead of the plastic e-collar the vet gave us we bought an inflatable one. His collar loops through it so it won’t come off and it is waaayyyy more comfortable for him to sleep in! We also went to goodwill before his surgery and bought some toddler athletic shirts that I sewed one of the arms shut on. It has really kept him from scratching at his stitches.

Mylo being a ham in his kennel

We also bought him a Bob-a-lot interactive toy. It took a while for him to figure it out, but now he really enjoys this active way to get his kibble!

The next step for Mylo is to get his stitches out this coming week! I think he is ready to get rid of those itchy buggers! Thanks again for reading and supporting us through this!!

Recovery Day 1 and 2

Mylo has been doing really well so far! Everyone at the vet office fell in love with our little guy and we can’t blame them!

When we went to pick him up he was already scampering around, going potty on his own and he had a massive appetite. He slept through the night fairly well, but woke up early because he was starting to feel the pain from his surgery. No constipation and a continued appetite makes us happy parents!!!

We feel so lucky that Mylo is doing as great as he is. Here are a couple photos and a video of him from yesterday- right after we got him home!


Thanks for your continued support!!!!


Mylo’s Incision




A quick (P)update!

Mylo’s surgery went really well. The doctor said she didn’t find any lesions or tumors during the amputation procedure, so she thinks his lameness was most likely trauma related (as we had also been thinking). We’re so excited to get him home tomorrow and we will be posting updates on his recovery process.

Thanks for all the positive vibes!!

Mylo tired after a day in the car. (Pre-surgery)

Surgery Day Tomorrow

Hello Everyone!

Mylo’s surgery to become a Tripawd is tomorrow morning. We’re so nervous for him and hope it will all go swimmingly.

Since this is the first post about Mylo and his journey as a Tripawd, here is his story.

Tiny pup Mylo!

Mylo is a Portuguese Water Dog who we (Mom- Megan and Dad- Jordan) got at just 8 weeks of age. He had a small limp but our vets let us know that this was normal because puppies do play rough! However, a week later he still had a limp and it was getting worse. He was now putting minimal weight on his right front leg, but his x-rays were clear so we were referred to an Orthopedic specialist. The Orthopedic specialist ran a bunch of tests on little Mylo, with no conclusive results. We were sent home with a tentative diagnoses of Panosteitis (severe growing pains), some pain medication and instructions to return if it didn’t get better.

It got worse.

Mylo began knuckling as his muscles contracted from disuse. The muscles in his shoulder suffered from severe atrophy and the pain increased. He began to lose his zest for life, becoming restless because of the pain and not wanting to play, go outside or do anything a normal puppy would do. Highly concerned we took him back to the orthopedic specialist who let us know that he no longer thought that this was something to do with his bones. Instead he thought it was neurological. The neurologist said he thought that the problem was originating in the Brachial Plexus nerve grouping his his right shoulder. He said that he had never seen such a strange case in all of his 40 years, but thought because of the progression from a mild limp to complete paw disuse indicated a lesion, hematoma or avulsion of the Brachial Plexus. They recommended an MRI, which would cost $3000, and left it at that.

We knew that a hematoma or avulsion would only occur if some sort of trauma had been experienced by Mylo- and since he hadn’t had any at our house  we called the breeder. He knew of no definitive reason that Mylo would be limping, but mentioned that during feeding time puppies might get under foot and be tripped over or accidentally stepped on.  If Mylo had been stepped on that could have caused enough trauma to create a forming hematoma on the Brachial Plexus or an avulsion. We felt frustrated that we didn’t know what had left him with a limp at such a young age. But then we realized that this was Mylo’s life and we had to do whatever we could to turn it around. After discussions, the breeder offered a refund for Mylo and we decided we would put that money straight into whatever treatment we decided to go with.

Armed with this information we approached our primary vet with the hard truth that we could not afford an MRI along with whatever treatment would follow. We had to make choices.

Could Mylo improve with physical therapy? The vet said no.

Would Mylo eventually gain back movement in his leg? The vet said no.

Then what was next? If this was a lesion, hematoma or avulsion- what could we do?

Amputiation. Full forequarter amputation.

Due to the fact that Mylo (who was now 12 weeks old) had not gained back any control of his leg, but it had in fact gotten worse our options were limited. We talked to many vets and received the same answer from every one. Mylo’s chances of recovering use of his leg were near zero. Even with an MRI we would more than likely be getting an amputation afterwards. So, making the only decision we saw as an option we chose to allow Mylo a new chance at life as a Tripawd.

Our decision felt like a sentence to less of a life for Mylo at first. We were worried that he wouldn’t be able to swim, run, play or ever be the puppy he was supposed to be. But then we found and we saw the truth of what life as a three-legged dog would be. Wonderful.

Mylo, restless with pain, thought the stairs were the most comfortable option.

With the support of this community we now feel prepared (not quite ready) for Mylo’s new life. We’ve stocked up on Tripawd friendly gear (raised bowls, new harness, etc.) and educated ourselves on what to expect with the surgery and recovery. Tomorrow is a new beginning for Mylo, one that we hope will make his life the one he has always deserved.

Keep us in your thoughts!! — Mylo, Megan & Jordan

P.S. An explanation about the name TriPaWD. Mylo is a Portuguese Water Dog (or PWD for short) so we thought this slight variation on Tripawd was more than fitting!!

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